Improve Concentration
Improve Math Skills

Online learning got students unable to focus in class?Add these activities each day to improve learning! Get the book NOW!

Forget the coffee mug for Teacher Appreciation Day, here's a great book for parents and teachers to help children.

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This is not your typical Physical Education program it's BETTER!

Now your school can have the award winning IPM program!


You can afford it!

Your children can't afford not to have it.

Integrated Perceptual Motor helps address issues with children's cognitive function through our award-winning program. We will address why some children would rather stand to do work than sit in a chair, or why they may fidget a lot. 

Our Integrated Perceptual Motor™ program is an award-winning child development program designed to improve children's cognitive function and develop essential reading, writing, and math skills.



Our program comes with:
A 36 week lesson plan book that includes six different stations every week.

A list of the equipment needed for a complete workout. Included are the vendors and the item


Included in the package is a full day workshop at your site for parents and teachers. We will give a  presentation describing the importance of this program and how it will benefit your children physically and academically.

A staff member will also help to set up and demonstrate how to run through the stations.


This two-time award winning program was created by Dr. David Biles, and Lenee Howe and their team of experts over the course of 40 years of research and working with children. 

We can set up a custom designed Integrated Perceptual Motor program at your site with classroom teachers or your physical education specialist.


We also do Assessments

Do you have an individual that loses focus, constantly standing while eating or being asked to sit in a chair, diagnosed with ADHD, difficulty reading, writing, math?

• We have had a great deal of success helping children improve in academics.

We have professionals that can do personal assessments and consultations for individuals and groups with a complete breakdown of our findings for remediation. 

Call or email us for our award winning program or a consultation:

(925) 381-6519

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