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Working on balance and midline.

Midline Barrier

Every child is born with a midline barrier. This is the inability of the eyes to track across the body. Physical activities help the eyes integrate and track smoothly from left to right and right to left. By the age of seven and with adequate eye-tracking activities, the eyes should be integrated and track smoothly. The IPM program will help eliminate a child's midline barrier through specific activities. This will Improve reading, writing and test taking.

Smooth eye tracking across a visual field is very important for success in reading, math, and test-taking. In order for the eyes to track smoothly, both hemispheres of the brain must communicate through the corpus callosum. If a midline barrier is still present, reading, writing, and even test-taking on machine-graded exams is difficult, if not impossible. With simple physical activities, the midline barrier will diminish and eventually disappear.


Causes of a Midline Barrier

Many times children don't get enough play activity or they don't get enough of the right activity, and the midline barrier is still present after the age of 7 years. With the right activities, the corpus callosum becomes fully developed and the two hemispheres communicate fully. More children are not getting the right types of developmental activities, which makes this connection difficult. In one case study, after 10 weeks of working with 27 students to eliminate their midline barrier, this group, that was below grade level in reading, showed an incredible improvement of 10 months in reading efficiency and scores in JUST 10 WEEKS of doing IPM activities.

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