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Parent and teacher comments.
Parents and teachers at a workshop enjoying the presentation.
Parents and teacher comments.
Parents and teacher comments.

Testimonials and Feedback

"Pics from our new PE gig! You can see how it'd be scalable and it's INCLUSIVE! The best part? Look at those faces. There's not a SINGLE KID who said it WASN'T FUN! And the ones I thought would breeze through it, the kids who tend toward athletics-said it was HARD! SO impressed! This should be EVERYWHERE! " - Kari P.

"This is so COOL. Cate came home raving about this!!" - Nicole S.

"I am SO excited about this. Tyler couldn't stop talking about it. Thank you to Lenee Howe for bringing this to Meadow, and thanks for these pics, Kari..." - Ariel R.

The IPM Program at Meadow School

Don’t take our word for it. The parents at Meadow School share their insight on the new IPM Program and how much the kids and parents loved it. The IPM program was introduced to Meadow School by 2nd grade classroom Teacher, Lenee Howe, and the Creator of the program, Dr. David Biles. Lenee Howe wrote and received a grant from Petaluma Education Foundation for the IPM equipment. IPM is a full year, 36 week, program that grades K-6 will use at least 2 times a week with their classroom teachers.


Parent Responses:

“Outstanding Lenee. A huge thank you to you.. This is EXACTLY what these kids need!!!” - Ariel R.


“I saw firsthand how engaged the kinders were! Thanks for your dedication Lenee!” - Rocio M.


“My girls talked about how much fun they had when it was their class’ turn.... Meadow rocks.” - Rebecca O.


“So awesome! Landon loved it! Thanks Lenee!!” - Mery L. 


“Thank you. Grace loved it.” - Lori P.


“What a great activity!! Thank you!!” - Theresa D.

Parent Comments


One parent wrote:


"My son, Joshua took part in your group at JohnSwett Elementary, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to work with him. When I had first heard about your group, I was excited to think that there might be something out there to help Josh with his language skills, but frankly I did not place much hope in it. Josh had been in speech therapy since preschool, and has struggled with reading, his alphabet and writing since beginning school at five. In first grade, we were struggling to get him to memorize the alphabet, and wondered if he would ever learn to read! When he began working with you, we saw moderate improvement, but by the end of the time period, he was reading at a fourth grade level! The improvement that he has shown is just phenomenal, and I am so relieved that he has caught up with his class. Now he loves reading to me, and he is even beginning to write his own short stories, something that I never would have thought possible. It has also given him a sense of confidence in the classroom that he did not have before. I truly believe that your exercises are responsible for Joshua's progress, and would wholeheartedly recommend their use in classrooms everywhere. I hope to see you continue helping children like my son in the future."


Another parent wrote:


"You may not realize just how much you have helped Sarah and in turn helped us as parents understand her needs better. You have touched and impacted the lives of many children, and, as a result, they have the opportunity to grow up in a world they can function in positively. This makes for a better community, a better world, a huge domino effect in the scheme of life.”

Questions and Answers



“ I love, love, love this! Is it affordable?” - Elizabeth F.


“This is awesome! Can you share it with other schools? Cost? “ Elizabeth F.



“We are very excited to share this with other schools! They can come view the program in action or we can present to staff or administration. The cost varies depending on how much equipment the school needs. We charge for the presentation and lesson plan books, and are willing to train the teachers or a PE specialist. Let me know if you want to set up a time to talk more about it!!” – Lenee Howe


Comments on IPM


Classroom teachers have stated after a 10-week intervention class:


"Nothing in the child's life has changed except your intervention class and they are now reading for the first time."


"You are a miracle man"

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